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We created the Brain Injury Support Center with the goal of developing a comprehensive listing of all brain injury resources in the state of California.  It is a collaborative effort of graduate student Shanna Welch, who now holds a Masters of Science in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling, and brain injury lawyer Eric Ratinoff.

Eric, who now sits on the board of BIACAL (Brain Injury Association of California), always felt as though the brain injury resources available throughout California were underexposed.  Although many TBI care providers maintain websites, there didn’t seem to be one specific place where someone could find out about the array of services that exist throughout the state.  During a quarterly meeting for Sacramento area brain injury professionals at Eric’s office, he met graduate student, Shanna Welch.  The two discussed this disparity, and when Shanna indicated she was working on a local directory of brain injury services, their conversation took a turn toward a larger endeavor.

As a result of that conversation, Shanna extended her work to cover all of California, producing a print directory of California brain injury resources for her graduate project.  Eric employed the services of a web designer to publish Shanna’s directory online, and BrainInjurySupportCenter.com was officially born.

If you offer or know of a service not included in our directory, or if you spot an error in need of correction, please email us or submit a comment within the appropriate county or category in which your service resides.  We hope this website will play a part in enabling you or your loved one to complete the process of recovery.




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    Please contact me w info on where in Merced, Ca., one can find a Services for Brain Injury Grp.

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