• Fresno County Educational Resources


    Fresno City College- Disabled Students Program & Services
    1101 E. University Avenue
    Fresno, CA 93741
    Phone: (559) 442-8237


    Disabled Students Program & Services (DSPS) provides instruction and services to students with disabilities in order to increase access to college programs. Students with acquired brain injuries, learning disabilities, hearing impairments, visual impairments, psychological disabilities, mobility disabilities, and chronic health conditions may qualify for services. Services include specialized instruction, adaptive equipment, job placement, mobility assistance, interpreting, note taking, textbooks on tape, testing accommodations, educational counseling and planning, priority registration, and specialized tutoring.

    Reedley College- Disabled Student Programs & Services
    995 North Reed Avenue
    Reedley, CA 93654
    Phone: (559) 638-3641


    Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS) provides specialized services and accommodations for students with disabilities so that they can reach their maximum potential while achieving their educational goals. Staff specialists interact with all areas of the campus to eliminate physical, academic and attitudinal barriers. DSPS takes a personal interest in meeting the special needs of students with disabilities.

    West Hills Community College- Disabled Students Programs & Services
    300 Cherry Lane
    Coalinga, CA 93210
    Phone: (559) 925-3346


    West Hills College has given special attention to remove physical barriers on campus and to provide support services to students with disabilities. Disabled Students Program & Services (DSPS) provide special assistance to students with disabilities through individualized help and counseling. DSPS is committed to providing students with the support that will enable them to reach their academic goal.


    **For more brain injury resources near Fresno County- please see Kings County, Madera County, Merced County, San Benito County, and Tulare County**

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